SpaceMan by Tom Abrahams

Author: Tom Abrahams

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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"This is a revolutionary post-apocalyptic book."
--Steven Konkoly, Best selling author of The Jakarta Pandemic and Fractured State

Clayton Shepard is 249 miles above Earth when the lights go out.

He has no communication, limited power, and an unbreakable will to survive.

His one goal: find his way BACK to his family.

Shepard is an astronaut on his first mission to the International Space Station.

When a violent blast of solar magnetic radiation leaves him stranded in orbit, he’s forced to use his wit and guile to find a way home.

He has no idea what he’ll find when he gets there.

SPACEMAN is a post-apocalyptic/dystopian tale that tells the survival story of a man and the family he left behind. It’s written with the help of former astronauts, NASA team members, and well-respected astrophysicists that give SPACEMAN a unique sense of detail and desperation.


“Tom Abrahams is a master with this genre. In a plot paced just this side of orbital velocity, his not-so-ordinary spaceman –and the family he loves-- battle a new and unique unknown that tests their resilience, courage, and love for one another, both on and off the planet. Failure to turn the pages of this book quickly is simply, “not an option!”
--Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson, 6-Time Spacewalker and Author of The Ordinary Spaceman

"Tom Abrahams isn't just a rising star in the post-apocalyptic genre, he is now a leading voice with his action packed stories and compelling characters. SpaceMan is a one-of-a-kind story that moves at a breakneck pace."
-- Nicholas Sansbury Smith, USAToday bestselling author of Hell Divers

"SpaceMan is an intriguing new direction for Abrahams. He cleverly veers from traditional post-apocalyptic novels to weave a well-researched sci-fi adventure sure to entertain fans of both genres."
-- Russell Blake, NY Times & USAToday bestselling author of Jet

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