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From Our Ranch to Your Table! Hey ya'll! I’m Paige Murray. A lot has changed since the release of Southern Fried Skinnyfied several years ago. I'm now married to Ty Murray, the King of Cowboys. I also became a step-mom to Kase and a mom to Oakley. My recipes have become more family oriented and are perfect for an ongoing healthy lifestyle you can maintain. This isn't a cookbook for a short-term diet. Instead I cook the way nature intended with fresh produce, whole grains, healthy fats & meats. I'm from Lancaster, South Carolina but now call the TY Ranch in Stephenville, Texas home. I brought my cowboy boots and my love of food, cooking, fitness and nutrition with me. I took my favorite southern foods & added my own touch keeping health in mind, what I call Southern Fried Skinnyfied. I also learned to cook flavorful New Mexican and cowboy dishes that remind Ty of home. I’m not a chef and prefer stress-free recipes, you know the kind you find in your Granny’s church cookbooks. These recipes are simple, wholesome & scrumptious. It’s your everyday cookbook! Eating healthfully should go hand in hand with eating pleasurably. Of course I had to include just a couple of my favorite childhood dessert recipes too for those special occasions.I've also included some recipes that we love from our family & friends. To me, a passed-down recipe goes far beyond a meal. It evokes memories of that person & feelings of love, comfort, joy & excitement. Recipes are a way to preserve our heritage as well as a part of ourselves & the gatherings in the kitchen that make us who we are. I share photos of each person who shared a recipe with me. I also include photos we've taken of the ranch to give you a feel of what it's like to live on a real, working ranch. Hopefully these photos & recipes will allow you to create meals that are a meaningful experience.