Author: William Stacey

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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When Angie was five, the dragons appeared…

And broke the world.

From former army officer William Stacey comes Source Mage, the first book in a crazy cocktail of magic, monsters, and military action.

In the Awakened World of twenty-first-century North America, the Fey Sleep no longer hides magic from humankind—but many wish it did.

Angie Ritter is a former army mage trained to fight with spell and sword.

But she's seen too much, done too much.

And now, her magic is gone.

She can barely take care of herself, let alone anyone else, but when former army buddy Erin Seagrave, the youngest member in a family of werewolf super soldiers, begs her for help, Angie must find the strength to fight again. A dark blood cult is hunting werewolves and if they catch Erin, they'll cut her heart out.

They'll do far worse to anyone who gets in their way, especially meddling ex-army mages.

Now, the two women must escape into the wilderness of a post-apocalyptic California to reach a powerful ally, the Fey succubus who raised Angie.

All that stands in their way is an army of vampires, an Aztec demon, and an impossibly powerful blood mage.

But something even more dangerous hunts them.

If you like Ilona Andrews, Jim Butcher, or Faith Hunter, you'll love this new urban fantasy series.

Warning: Contains scenes of sexual situations, realistic violence, and rough language.