Author: James Drummond

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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You never know what you might find hidden in the attic. Natalie Sherwood is simply looking to stash something for a friend when she discovers a book of spells in her family’s crawlspace. Unsure how seriously to take her discovery, she decides to try some simple enchantments with unsettling results. Meanwhile, after saving his hometown from a pack of werewolves, Toby Hoffman is recruited by an elite group of international hunters to help confront supernatural creatures across the globe. His first mission comes sooner than expected when Natalie unwittingly summons some supernatural adversaries. It doesn’t take Toby long to realize he’s in over his head, but he’s still determined to make sure his first mission is a successful one. He just might need a little help."This tale of otherworldly creatures maintains an impressive energy throughout, with an ending that makes reading Book 3 a virtual necessity." - Kirkus Reviews