Author: Henry Simpson

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Police call lawyer Joe Costa to a public park when they find his business card on a brutally murdered homeless man. Costa identifies the victim as Max Gentry, a friend and musical genius who once led a famous rock band but faded into obscurity when overcome by drug abuse and mental illness. Police soon arrest two Latino youths for the murder. Their father, a former gang member, hires Costa to defend them despite Costa’s friendship with the victim. Costa reluctantly agrees, investigates, and accepts the boys’ innocence. Possible murder suspects include former bandmates, past enemies, gang members, homeless persons, and strangers. Costa’s pursuit of the killer takes him to the exclusive Ranch District, a barrio, homeless hangouts, a military prep school, a private men’s club, an impromptu shooting gallery, a high school, and a psychic counselor. It is complicated by the unsolicited help of Costa’s tough-as-nails father, a homeless alcoholic, an ill-tempered dog, and the discovery of a personal link to the daughter of the victim’s lover.