Author: April O'Leary

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Have you ever thought you may be drinking too much?How many times have you sworn off alcohol only to return to it after the hangover wore off? Most of us! As moms, we have this unique ability to influence the life of another human being in ways that are both impossibly profound and jarringly serious. It’s no wonder alcohol sneaks in to help us cope!This book is filled with real-life stories from moms of all ages and stages who got sober and stayed sober. These stories are proof that life doesn’t have to be a continual drunken escape from reality, an unintended blackout while watching your children, or one drunk drive away from being arrested. We know because we did it.Sober Moms, Happy Moms offers hope for the mom who hides her alcohol and for the one who binges on weekends. You may see yourself in the pages of these stories. If so, you are among friends. Don’t wait for the next bottom. If you truly have a problem, we know it will only get worse, never better. But today, right now, you have a choice. Choose sobriety. Choose your children. And choose a life beyond your wildest dreams!