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The mixology world is constantly evolving and

Smoked Cocktails

thanks to the combination of scents, taste, and visual effects are the main ingredients in the search for

new ideas and innovative techniques

.Are you a skilled mixologist, a bartender, a cocktail enthusiast, or simply a beginner, or a novice home bartender? Are you fascinated by the world of smoked cocktails?Get involved with this book that will teach you to make

different kinds of drinks

, gives you the know-how, main techniques plus the tips and tricks you need to be a

successful mixologist

and to best smoke a particular cocktail.Do you wish to improve

home bartending skills

and enrich your mixologist repertoire?Finally, an easy-to-read book to discover new interesting ways to order a cocktail or to do your cocktails easily at your home bar station.A step-by-step guide that will walk through everything you need to know about making cocktails, share how to best prepare a recipe with the right measurements and equipment,

improving your cocktail-making skills.

You will learn the best presentation comes from using the right tools and ingredients, those that are both innovative and expected by the patron.The recipes present, more than 50 referred only to smoked cocktails, with a specific section also for

non-alcoholic cocktails

, will allow you to understand the fundamental techniques to create perfect and spectacular cocktails.There will also be the

classic cocktails you should know

that is the first step for any home bartender and for building and experimenting with smoked cocktails.But the smoked cocktail is just one part of the overall experience to make a perfecting taste, for that reason reading this book, you will learn:

the basics and tools to create your home bar: advice for glass, unit of measurement, tool kits and liquor, garnishment you need to make perfect classical or professional smocked cocktails;techniques and basics about smoked cocktails: wood chips choices, syrups and smoking ice-making steps, fruit, herbs, nuts, and spirit combinations;tips and ideas on presentation to create creative and intriguing garnishment;the best of traditional and classical cocktails you should know;an in-depth analysis of smoked cocktails with over 50 smoked cocktails recipes with formulas, ingredients, and tips for glasses and presentation to make a perfect drink;a specific section of no-alcoholic smoked drinks;a specific section where you can write down the results of your experiments, your observations, variants, and the best blends to surprise your friends or customers;and Much moreā€¦

Are you ready to experiment and prove yourself to discover new ways to surprise?Share this exciting world with your friends, and anyone who wants to experiment and learn something new. You will love this book and your customers and friends will love your creations.Buy now your copy of the

"Smoked mixology - The Essential Cocktail Recipes Book for Classical and Smoked Cocktails "

and start your journey into this fascinating world. Don't forget to recommend it to all cocktails lovers like you!