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“Smash It” is not just a tool for pure digital companies. It can be applied to traditional companies and to companies that need to reinvent their business models in order to keep being competitive. As such, it's equally useful to all professionals that want to understand how to deliver value to their organizations in the coming years; everyone from c-level, to managers, to senior leaders, to salespeople, to beginners.My method has already generated hundreds of millions in sales for the companies I worked for and for those that have followed my speeches, classes and read my publications.These strategies aren't restricted to big corporations with huge marketing budgets. This unique method has been used to generate growth for businesses of all sizes.There are 5 steps to dominate the digital Era and make your business grow like hell:Step 1 is about the current digital landscape and how to define your strategic gap in the market. This will help you to define where you want to compete.Step 2 is about go-to-market. Traditionaladvertising is obsolete and it is time to engage with customers differently. Understanding your customerbehavior and connecting emotionally with your customers is key to achieve digital growth.Step 3 defines a new way of management. Companies do not want to be digital, they want to behave like a digital company. Quick, flexible, innovative and with many other skills and attributes that you and yourbusiness should achieve and make use of.Step 4 is where everything starts. You will not achieve digital growth until you realize it is about mindset. Not only about the company mindset but also your own thinking process. Digital rebirth is the way you start a fresh new life for your business.Step 5 is about how to define your digital leadership skills to scale up your transformation into something bigger than yourself.