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Micro-Cleaning Blocks a Stress-Free Way to Clean and Declutter

Micro-Cleaning Blocks are small segments of a cleaning task. It usually doesn’t represent the entire cleaning project. It’s a way to declutter while you clean without being overwhelmed. With dozens of micro-cleaning jobs to choose from, even those in a wheelchair, a walker, or using a cane for support can accomplish several independently.

Those With Dementia or Alzheimer’s can Help to Do a Task.

When we repeat a task, it gets tucked away in our long-term memory and reproduces over a lifetime; in this case, we are talking about recalling cleaning skills. Therefore, if you are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia, depending on their degree, there’s no reason to believe they will not be able to do a fair amount of work.Moreover, because you know your loved ones and the stage they are in, you are bound to find a job that suits them, no matter how small. Most with dementia or Alzheimer’s live in the moment; they will likely forget the entire experience. So, finding things to work on that link your past will be a rewarding experience for you both.