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Annoyed by All the Pseudo-Books Flooding Amazon Recently? You know the ones. They have alluring, professional looking covers. They promise to solve a problem…nay, solve your life, but they rarely deliver that in the end. They might be overly short, more like a pamphlet. They may just lead you back to the author’s website to buy more stuff. Are you ready to say “enough is enough” and find some decent books on Amazon that actually deliver what they promise and are written by real people--no marketers, scammers, or “Kindle Gold Rushers”?New Markets = People Looking to Get Rich Quick The e-book market is no exception, and so it’s drawn a crowd of savvy people looking to make a quick buck while preying on your insecurities. Want to lose weight? Make your first million? Have a better relationship? And do it all in less than five minutes a day? Chances are there’s a book on Amazon for that. The trouble is that these books aren’t real books. They’re often empty, soul-less, time-sucks. So how can you tell the difference? How can you be sure you’re not getting sucked in to these marketers’ schemes?Human Connection is More Important than EverMichal Stawicki is an author with firsthand knowledge of the so-called Kindle Gold Rush. In this book, Slicing the Hype, he reveals who’s worth reading on Amazon and how to quickly discern them from the surrounding ocean of trash. In addition you’ll learn:- the value of human to human business and why this is so vital in today’s marketplace of scammers and frauds- how to get in touch with real authors for advice and comradery- how to grow by getting personal mentorship from those you admire the most—they’re probably more receptive than you think!- the five-click connectivity test to instantly weed out phonies from the real dealFind out why human to human business is the wave of the future: for e-books on Amazon and beyond.Find valuable nonfiction eBooks today. Scroll to the top and download Slicing the Hype now!