Sinning in Secret by Charlie Lane

Author: Charlie Lane

Category: Romance Books

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When a Lady intends to avoid marriage … 
Lady Willow, the powerful Duke of Valingford’s daughter, has two options: marry the man her parents chose for her or spend the rest of her days in a madhouse. Determined to shape her own future, Willow plots a secret escape.  
… can the lord who loves her change her mind? 
The Viscount Cordell takes a methodical and scientific approach to everything, including his search for a wife. Anxious to discover the formula for a happy and successful marriage, he agrees to marry the beautiful and impulsive Lady Willow, a woman who challenges his every hypothesis. 
Cordell knows Willow is the key to his marriage formula; she’s not convinced. Will she marry the man her parents have chosen or find another way to escape the madhouse?