Author: Stan Phelps, Alan Hoffler

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How do you avoid giving the typical boring corporate presentation? 

You need the tools and the approach to delivering memorable presentations. Filled with 64 tips, Silver Goldfish provides 10 keys and a six-step approach to coming across Loud & Clear when presenting.

Silver Goldfish is divided into four parts:

The first section is “The Why.” We make the case for why you should invest in becoming a more engaging and memorable presenter. Here we’ll tackle the biggest myth in communication and explain the meaning behind the Silver Goldfish. We’ll delve into the meaning of “five by five” and silver. We’ll explore the idea that little things can make a huge difference in the metaphor of a goldfish. We’ll also shed the notion of a silver bullet in communication. 

The second section is “The What.” Here we explore the keys to coming across “Loud” and “Clear” when you present. Specifically, we’ll address how to rise above distractions with your presentation skills. You’ll learn tips on how to impress, connect, express, facilitate, and entertain your audience. In addition, you’ll understand how to craft your content with clarity and organize your presentation in a way that makes your message memorable. 

The third section is “The How.” Here we’ll share the six step S.I.L.V.E.R. process for creating a presentation. The first three letters involve preparation: Starting, Illustrating, and Learning. The second three provide guidance for the actual delivery of your presentation: Vaulting, Educating, and Requesting. We also include the Silver Preparation Grid and the Silver Presentation Matrix. 

The last section of the book gives you the Five Key Takeaways.