Author: Cheryl Bradshaw

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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38-year-old Rebecca Barlow drops her four-year-old son off at parents' house, promising to return by five

.Five comes and goes.Then six.Then seven.Worried, Rebecca's parents try calling. She doesn't answer, and her friends haven't heard from her either. It seems no one has.As concern mounts, Rebecca's father drives to the lake house where she's been staying. Her car is spotted in the driveway, and inside, her purse is found on the kitchen table.Rebecca is nowhere in sight.The following morning brings a grisly discovery when Rebecca's body is found floating in the lake. Was her death an unfortunate accident, or is something far more sinister at play?

Sloane Monroe Series in Order

:0. Silent as the Grave (prequel to series) - April 2021 New Release!1. Black Diamond Death2. Murder in Mind3. I Have a Secret4. Stranger in Town - Shamus Award Finalist5. Bed of Bones - USA Today Bestseller6. Hush Now Baby - USA Today Bestseller7. Gone Daddy Gone - USA Today Bestseller8. Smoke and Mirrors - 2020 USA Today Bestseller