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Is it possible to own a home without taking out an infinite mortgage? Is it possible to have the house of your dreams by spending less than your current rent?Yes, and the answer is Shipping Container Homes.You can build the house you ever wanted from scratch with less than $15,000! Everything you need to plan, design, and create your new mortgage-free home is illustrated with detailed step-by-step instructions and floor plan ideas.The latest statistics tell us that a house's rent accounts for 15% to 30% of a family's annual income. Home prices have risen 40% over the past 10 years.Wouldn't you like to save that money?Shipping Container Homes have huge advantages compared to traditional ones. The quality, the time required for construction, and flexibility are higher than those of a classic solution. In addition to that, a container home costs 20 to 30 % less with the same comfort as traditional homes.In this book, you will learn:

Why choose a shipping container home; take a look at all the benefits you can get from building your new home in a container, starting from the cheaper costs to construction speed and eco-sustainability.Tailor-Made on Your Budget. Stop wasting money on renting a home or paying interest on your mortgage now with the information to save money during the building process.How to start the project, helping you choose the desired location, budgeting, size, water access, type of soil, and whatever it takes to build it.How To Choose A Good Shipping Container, how to place it, and the best way to prepare your site and foundation will never be easy with the step-by-step instructions included in this guide.Helpful advice and practical solutions for every problem during the construction of your shipping container home, from the thermal insulation of the walls to prevent humidity and mold to the construction of the foundations and the choice of interior materials.15 Floor Plan Ideas are ready to build or use as an inspiration to create almost infinite layout projects. Every plan is 3D rendered to illustrate the finished result. Their budget division (from $15,000 to $45,000) will help you choose the one that's right for you.

… & Lot More!In addition to economic savings thanks to recycling these containers and converting them into real housing units, it is possible to eliminate a large amount of waste and, at the same time, realize interesting projects of sustainable architecture.What are you waiting for?Order Your Copy Now and Start Building Your Homemade House Today!? Color Paperback Available! ?