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Would you like to know all the processes of building shipping container homes completely and easily?Are you trying to find the cheapest way to build a full-comforts and beautiful house?Would you like to learn everything about the best methods of heating and cooling of these houses?If the answer is YES, keep on reading, and you will realize why this is the perfect guide for you!There are more eco-sustainable solutions to build new housing units, which guarantee more significant economic savings during construction and maintenance of the structures and have a lower environmental impact: SHIPPING CONTAINERS, metal modules generally used for the multimodal transport of goods.Suppose you recycle these containers and convert them into actual housing units. In that case, you can eliminate a large amount of waste and, at the same time, realize interesting projects of sustainable architecture.In this guide, you will discover:Why You Should Build a House of This Type, also to contribute to environmental sustainability.All The Things You Have to Know Before Starting to Build Your Home, both in terms of budget and problems you may encounterThe Step-by-Step Method to Select The Best Type of Container according to your needs.A Very Detailed Explanation About How Heating And Cooling The House so that you can find the correct information and instructions to make everything precise.Many Beautiful and Effective Interior Design Ideas to make your shipping container home unique, provided with clear images.BONUS CHAPTER: Step By Step Process for Construction, from A to Z; a sort of valuable and useful checklist to follow all the necessary steps to build your home.… & Lot More! Can a simple container turn into a welcoming home? The answer is yes!This is your perfect book if you want to have a detailed step-by-step guide on constructing these houses, a manual that contains everything you need to know about this new inexpensive and eco-friendly topic.Eager to start building your new, cheap, and eco-friendly Shipping Container Home?Order Your Copy NOW and Start Building Your Sustainable Living Solution TODAY!