Author: Kate Mitchell

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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When a crime is committed who takes the blame and the punishment? Yes, it's the one that committed the crime, right? But that is not always true; as when it comes to domestic relationships, psychological and sinister manipulation can fragment the truth until someone else takes the blame. So, who committed the crime? Who is convinced they committed the crime? But who really committed the crime? And who will be the one to pay the price?

Adley and Barbara appear to be the perfect couple – attractive, ambitious, and talented lawyers, but when Barbara gives birth to her first child their world becomes less perfect.
The day before they go on a long-awaited holiday with their now three children, their nanny is called home urgently disrupting their finely laid plans – from here on their imperfect world starts to slide into the abyss.
Will their marriage ride the storm that rages between them? Will they survive or will it end in a death?