Author: Mari Silva

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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If you want to discover the hidden power of shamanism, then keep reading…Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a Shaman or what being a Shaman entails?Do you ever wonder if your life could be better if you followed this ancient tradition, even in our society based on science?Is there more to human life than the scientific universe we know so little about? Would you like to go beyond the ordinary and access the extraordinary?If you are even a little bit curious, then this book is for you! You will marvel at the wonders that the cosmos has in store for you as you take your first steps on your Shamanic journey. This book on Shamanism holds answers to the above questions and so much more. You’ll discover in detail the aspects of Shamanism you need to know to raise your level of consciousness and to experience shamanic journeys.In this book, you will:Learn about Shamanism from its ancient beginnings until modern timesDiscover the path of Shamanism and discover who can walk itExplore how to build a Shamanic way of lifeDiscover everything you need to know about the medicine wheel, and the importance of the four directionsDiscover your power animals and spirit guides, and why you need themInvestigate the three Shamanic worldsLearn about Shamanic meditation and the significance of your dreams in ShamanismFind detailed and easy to understand Shamanic journeys and how you can embark on themDiscover how to raise your level of consciousness by uncovering the importance of the power of sound And much moreIf you are looking for answers to your own Shamanistic path, or you just want to explore this fascinating and otherworldly topic in a comprehensive format, then get this book now.