Author: Dinah Miller

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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A VICTIM NEVER FORGETS.When new evidence surfaces in a long forgotten federal crime, FBI Special Agent John Treehorn is the bureau’s first choice to lead the investigation at the Land of his People, the Navajo Nation. But, for this Special Agent, his nightmare; a murder, fifteen years earlier, brought this now decorated agent to his knees. A killing that was committed by the same Indian myth called, ‘Shadow Dancer’.A prep school leader is missing, myths don’t commit murder, and the truth is buried on the reservation. Agent Treehorn and local FBI Agent Raven Shelley weave the clues together one strand at a time like an old Navajo rug, from the grave of a corpse intentionally hidden to the unspoken crimes targeted against members of a prestigious law firm. A stranger, who wove the motive, once walked amongst their People and left an indelible mark of a shattered dream that bled into its desert sands. The FBI agent and the killer face off as the laws of two lands collide. One stands with a badge, the other with tradition; but they understand the word of their elders, not all killers are born to kill, some are justified to kill.This book is intended for mature audiences only due to adult content and graphic violence. This is you're warning.FBI Special Agent John Treehorn Series:Shadow Dancer - Book #1Stolen Sisters - Book #2Bad Penny - Book #3Indian Posse - Book #4Devil’s Doorbell - Book #5Railroad Crossing - Book #6The Hangman - Book #7The Stagecoach - Book #8Tattoo You - Book #9Peyote Coyote - Book #10 Black Hat - Book #11