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Do you ever dream of having a beautiful shade garden all year-round, even if you have never gardened before?

Then this is the book for you! In one place you will find step-by-step directions to growing a garden quickly and easily with very little work or expense.

You may think that flowers will not bloom in the shade and that a fabulous garden requires hours of work a week, with lots of time spent weeding and watering.

That is not always the case! Here is an alternative gardening method with 5 easy steps that top gardeners use.

This secret method will help you create your dream garden and hardly cost you anything in the process. You will be an inspiration to your family and your whole neighborhood.

My first large garden was in Philadelphia (zone 7) and was mostly shady, but I had flowers, bulbs, flowering bushes, and flowering trees that were beautiful year-round with little or no maintenance and no digging.

After 20 years I moved to the country (zone 5) and am now the gardener for my apartment complex’s vast gardens that bloom all by themselves every year, from February until frost!

In “Shade Garden Flowers” you will discover:

201+ photos of flowers that bloom beautifully in the shade, even some hardy roses.

How to save $100s by learning which free plants grow back on their own.

How to avoid the thing beginners do that actually causes plants to die.

The exact plants that will bloom in the shade in your climate, or zone.

The best soil mix that does not require digging.

Easy planting techniques to save you time that even a new gardener can do.

Ways to watch your garden increase each year on its own with little or no work.

How fragrances and colors will keep you, the birds, and the butterflies happy.

How to repel pests and weeds naturally from your garden.

The power of “Shade Garden Flowers” is that you are in charge of your garden and time and your garden is not in charge of you. You can have a breathtaking garden with little work, even if you have never gardened before. Follow these easy directions to have the time and energy to enjoy your garden with your family and friends, or in meditative silence, for many years to come with little cost or work.

Scroll up and press the buy now button to discover this easy method to design and plant a successful garden that blooms by itself every season and is beautiful year-round, giving you the freedom to enjoy your life.