Author: Christine Kling

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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She’s much better at handling boats than bodies—dead ones, that is…The ocean is dark and dangerous—no place for a woman. Or is it?As the only female tug and salvage captain on the Fort Lauderdale waterfront, Seychelle's not out to prove anything. She just wants to get the job done, whether that means salvaging boats or lives.From a missing ex-lover to a monster with a machete, Seychelle faces the dangers head on, while enemies who will stop at nothing try to put her out of business for good.

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SURFACE TENSION: Seychelle answers a Mayday call from a five-million-dollar superyacht only to find a blond with a knife in her back, and the captain, Seychelle's former lover, is nowhere to be found.CROSS CURRENT: Seychelle intercepts a swamped fishing boat in the Gulf Stream—inside the boat are a murdered woman and a little girl in a white dress. Determined to keep the child from being sent back to Haiti, Seychelle becomes obsessed with the forces that nearly killed the girl.BITTER END: Sey didn’t see the sniper who shot Nick Pontus at the helm of his yacht, but there are plenty of people, from Russian mobsters to Indian casino owners, who wanted the guy dead. But the cops zero in on Molly, Seychelle’s childhood friend.WRECKERS’ KEY: Key West was built by the wreckers, but when a friend is killed, Seychelle begins to suspect a chilling scenario: are modern-day wreckers using technology to cause yachts to crash onto the reefs–and killing off whoever gets in the way?MOURNING TIDE: Five years later, deep in the waters of a Florida swamp, a more mature Seychelle is working aboard her salvage tug


when she finds human bones. Years ago, she promised herself that she would stop the reckless chasing after justice for those she'd loved and lost. But can she?If you like pulse-pounding suspense, a salty cast of characters, and the Florida setting of glittering yachts and big money, you'll love the Seychelle Sullivan series.

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