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Once you’ve mastered social selling, you’ll never be without work or money again!

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the lack of appointments, lack of sales, or lack of income to provide for your family or build the life you want and always dreamed of… then this is the book you need!One of 15 books inside the “Seven Figure Sales System,” Seven Figure Social Selling contains over 400 pages of easy-to-implement social selling scripts, strategies, systems and secrets to winning your dream customers on LinkedIn.This step-by-step guide will help anyone get more leads, appointments and sales… no matter what you sell or who you sell to (EVEN IF you don’t have a big social network AND ZERO social selling experience!).In fact, Seven Figure Social Selling is the exact playbook Brandon Bornancin and his team at Seamless.AI use to flood their calendars with 75-100 appointments every single day! They generate millions in sales, and consistently receive over 1M views a month on Linkedin.In this book, you will learn:• Secret #1 - How to prospect so well you’ll never feel chained to your desk again!• Secret #2 - How to close deals with companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce, and more using the exact sales scripts Bornancin himself has mastered and perfected! You’ll learn it’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it. Turn your pitch into a conversation and watch your sales rise like never before!• Secret #3 - The three specific things you can tie your product, service, software, or coaching to that make people switch into “auto-pilot buyer” mode.• Secret #4 - How to hit your entire sales quota from building just ONE sales list!• Secret #5 - Simple changes you can make to any email, message, voicemail or sales conversation to skyrocket your profits!• Secret #6 - The #1 key to creating sales momentum – no matter what you sell!• Secret #7 - The “secret sauce” in all sales scripting... when you tap this psychological vein, you literally hit the “motherload!” Instantly download and use the exact sales script that’s made Bornancin $389,451 this year alone!• Secret #8 - How to contact the “big fish” and close deals that make a difference. You’ll hit quota so quick, you’ll have extra time and money to finally take that dream vacation you’ve been putting off!• Secret #9 - How to instantly become an expert at prospecting, relationship building and closing sales on LinkedIn or any other social media platform.• Secret #10 - How to instantly outsell your competitors.• Secret #11 - How to increase booked appointments by 300-400% in 30 days or less.• Secret #12 - Word-for-word sales scripts for every sales situation to maximize social selling.• Secret #13 - Social selling tips, tricks and best practices that will teach you to maximize your sales, income, and revenue potential.• Secret #14 - Sales strategies to help you master social selling so that with every prospect you encounter, you can easily and quickly comprehend, understand, evaluate, respond to, execute and close unique and profitable deals.• Secret #15 - A simple process that ANY salesperson can use to exponentially increase their connections, flood their calendar with qualified appointments, increase their sales, and make more money today.Plus you’ll get:• 400+ pages of proven, easy-to-use sales scripts, strategies and systems to win any deal selling on social platforms.• The Underground Playbook for Making Millions with Social Selling.• Advice from a two-time, seven figure tech entrepreneur and serial sales guru.Brandon Bornancin’s Seven Figure Social Selling, has helped countless salespeople, marketers, recruiters, and entrepreneurs all around the world make millions in sales, get millions in funding, find partners to launch businesses, and help make all their biggest dreams a reality.