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Most industries are now flooded with competition, it's harder than ever to stand out and win new customers consistently. 

Buyers are confused and bombarded with marketing messages, to stand out there needs to be a change in the approach of marketing. A move away from take, take, take to one of service.

In Serve, marketing agency owner Mitchel White explains why unethical business practice is reducing the impact of marketing and puts forward a new way to reach new customers ethically by giving back to your audience. Serve is the book for leaders, marketers, and entrepreneurs looking for a better way to market their organisation. One that puts your audience at the heart of everything you do. 

Running through 3 steps, Serve sets out a new way to define, communicate and amplify your purpose beyond profit. Full of practical advice and takeaway tips alongside examples of brands already implementing the power of serving in their brand, you'll finish the book feeling inspired to take action and commit to a more ethical way of marketing your brand.

Define your audience - move away from being a "me too" organisation to one loved by a smaller loyal group of peopleCommunicate your message effectively and consistently for maximum impactAmplify the power of your message by using proven ethical marketing strategies

Read Serve and commit to a better way of marketing. Be inspired and drive the change you want to see in the world with new found brand marketing skills and knowledge.

About the Author

Mitchel White founded his branding and marketing agency Reward in Manchester at the age of 21. Since then he has worked with brands across B2B and B2C sectors, including Europe’s leading online destination for fashion Zalando, multi million pound manufacturing brands and exciting ecommerce startups. His work has been featured on Forbes, B2B Marketing and IndieHackers.

With a focus on sustainability and ethical marketing he writes regularly about the challenges he has faced in business and his personal life to help others achieve their dreams and goals.