Author: Alan Parks

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**THE AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER IN TRAVEL, ANIMAL & CAT BOOKS**“I really loved this book and feel that I know Alan and Lorna personally”"Alan's writing is getting better with each book. He can tell a story and make you feel like you are right there" “Seriously if you haven't read any of the books ,why not?” “very entertaining and mostly humerous but written with honesty by Alan” “His writing style goes from strength to strength” SERIOUSLY MUM, HOW MANY CATS?Could you give up everything you have worked for and do something completely different? Would you give up and go home if it all went wrong?After six years of living in the olive groves of Andalucia, Alan and Lorna should have adjusted to Spanish life, but things never seem to run smoothly. When Lily the alpaca falls pregnant, they are in for an anxious few months as they battle against the odds to keep themselves afloat. 'In Seriously Mum, How Many Cats?' there is concern that the cats are going to take over the farm. There are cats in the barn, cats in the garden and even a cat invasion in the bedroom one night. Exploding tyres, flamenco dancing, religious parades and, of course, all your favourite animals return once again to entertain you in the latest story about these much-loved expats.“I really enjoyed reading Alan's account of his brave and adventurous move to Spain. Despite the many challenges - both emotional and physical - that Alan and his wife Lorna face, there is still a genuine feeling of happiness and almost childlike excitement about the whole experience, which shines through in the narrative. I'm almost tempted to pack up, move abroad, and try something similar myself. Nah, I'll just read Alan's sequel instead.” George Mahood, Author of the bestselling Free Country.