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Learn how to use your first iPhone easily and intuitively.
This step-by-step guide is designed specifically for seniors who want to learn how to use their new smartphones to the fullest.

Modern phones are increasingly challenging to use, especially for those who approach this technological world for the first time and don't know where to turn to learn its basics.

Would you like to use applications that can keep you connected to your loved ones, such as WhatsApp or Facebook, but you can't figure out how to install them, and no one has ever the time to teach you?

You have just stumbled upon an easy-to-navigate guide, complete with pictures that will make you exactly understand what to do, as well as explanations of the most used and significant terms to know.

With this guide, you will learn to use your iPhone correctly: not only to stay in touch with your friends, but also to learn useful tricks that will simplify your daily life such as, understanding how your bank application works, setting your medical ID, and configuring the emergency SOS call.