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** Includes 12 bonus marketing hook templates! ** So, people keep clicking your ads and links to your books, but no one's buying them. That's a problem.Thankfully there's a solution. By taking the time to properly optimize your Amazon book listing including the blurb, title, cover, author bio and other key factors, you can guide your potential readers from browser to buyer.But you have to know what areas to focus on and what to do with them to maximize their impact. This guide will teach you how.In This Guide You'll Learn: Marketing Blurbs! How to write ones that grab a reader's attention. Cover Design Tricks! The psychological triggers that drive behavior. Titles & Subtitles! How to write them (and how to hack them) Reviews! And what to focus on to make them work for you. Plus a whole lot more ... and how it all works together to SELL MORE BOOKS!-----From William F. Aicher, award-winning marketer and veteran indie author, comes the secret guide to maximizing your Amazon book sales. An easy-to-understand overview and guide of all the different pieces that make up your Amazon book listing, and what you can do to improve them and SELL MORE BOOKS. BONUS: Includes 12 marketing hook templates that have been tested and verified to work in increasing book sell-through rates!