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Here's How You Can Master The Art Of Self Discipline, Supercharge Your Focus, And Unleash Your Full Potential! Whether you are looking for a self help book, a guide on mental toughness, or a motivational book that will help you reach your goals faster, this self improvement books bundle will answer all your questions and offer you a comprehensive guide towards self-discipline.Introducing The Ultimate Self Discipline Book Bundle: 5 Books In 1 Boxset!When it comes to self development books that capture the spirit of today's society, self help inspirational books that avoid theoretical advice and focus on real-life solutions, it doesn't get any better than Ian Tuhovsky's self discipline books series.What You Will Learn From This Self Improvement Book Bundle: Ian Tuhovsky, the author of these best selling books for women and men, has decided to offer you a mega-value motivational books bundle that will help you understand the ins and outs of self-discipline and give you all the tools to start building your new self from the ground up.Top 7 Key Takeaways From These Game-Changing Self Help Books For Men And Women: ? Learn How To Boost Your Focus & Understand The Power Of Positive Thinking? Understand How To Build Confidence, Avoid Negative Emotions, And Develop Discipline? Strengthen Your Willpower, Build Mental Toughness, And Overcome Your Fears? Turbocharge Your Emotional Intelligence, Develop Resilience, And Master Your Emotions? Get To Know Yourself, Understand How Self-Talk Can Improve Your Life & Avoid Self-Sabotage? Enhance Your Productivity, Feel Laser-Focused & Manage Your Time Like A High-Functioning Peak Performer? Gain An In-Depth Understanding Of What Makes Other People Succeed & Follow Their FootstepsMega-Value Self-Discipline Book Bundle Includes: Self-Discipline: Mental Toughness Mindset: Increase Your Grit and Focus to Become a Highly Productive (and Peaceful!) PersonThe Power of Mental Discipline: A Practical Guide to Controlling Your Thoughts, Increasing Your Willpower and Achieving MoreMental Toughness Training: How To Master Your Emotions, Overcome Adversity and Start Controlling Your LifeThe Science Of Self Talk: How To Increase Your Emotional Intelligence and Stop Getting In Your Own WayProductivity and Peak Performance: Secrets To Extraordinary Focus, Efficiency, and Time Management from the World’s Top PerformersDon't Hesitate! Click "Buy Now" & Invest In Yourself!