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You Are About To Discover How To Leverage The Power Of To-Do Lists, Stoicism, Critical Thinking And Self-Discipline To Stop Overthinking, Get Over Procrastination And To Transform Your Life!Procrastination, lack of willpower, poor self-control, low motivation, overthinking, stress and depression are some of the biggest causes of low productivity, lack of satisfaction, unhappiness and weak interpersonal relationships.If you’ve been getting worried about these issues or others related to these, then I’m sure one or more of these questions and thoughts sound familiar:Why do I find it difficult to break procrastination, overthinking and bad habits?How can I create the right mindset for discipline and positive thoughts?What strategies can I use to deal with the problems I am experiencing?How can I wire my brain for immediate action, confidence and self-control?These are some of the many questions most of us living in the modern world often have, and they’re often an indication that you need to slow down and reshape your mind and brain.And guess what?This 4 in 1 book is here to share with you all the solutions to these and many more related concerns concisely, simply and comprehensively.Here’s a tiny bit of what you’ll learn from it:The basics of procrastination, including what it is and why you procrastinateThe dangers of procrastinating too much that you’ve probably experienced in your lifeThe other side of getting things done; what it is like to get stuff done and what to do about itHow to get your willpower muscle going to get stuff done without even thinking about itHow to supercharge your motivation to jump right into actionHow to start breaking procrastination by developing the right intention for itHow to build self-control and make fast decisions as you break your procrastinationHow to design your to-do lists for immediate actionHow to develop effective action priority for an action-taking spreeHow to make things pleasurable and fun to do while clearing and rewiring your brainHow to tame your overthinking problemHow to challenge your thoughts effectively to break the overthinking cycle5 secret tips that will make you stop worrying and overthinkingWhy you gravitate towards negative thoughts while overthinking and what to do about itHow to develop the right mindset to get things doneHow to break the analysis loop for goodWhat sets apart to-do lists that inspire you to action and those that don’tWhy to-do lists are powerful for transformation How to create to-do lists that propel you to take action and get resultsPopular approaches to creating to-do listsWhat to do whenever you’re feeling overwhelmedWhat stoicism is and what it has to say about our emotions, and how we can tap that to our advantageHow stoicism has been applied in today’s science based methods of understanding and influencing human psychologyHow to master your surroundings for your benefit while applying stoic principlesHow to deal with negative emotions the stoic way…and so much more! Even if you feel the situation is helpless and hopeless, this book will give you the much needed hope and guide you throughout the journey to transformation!Click Buy Now With 1-Click or Buy Now to get started!