Secrecy by Amabel Daniels

Author: Amabel Daniels

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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The world may never be the same if Layla won't unveil her powers...

Before Layla Holden can start her freshman year at Coltin High, she receives an unexpected invitation to attend a private school she's never heard of. She doesn't hesitate to accept, eager to escape the close-minded small town where she's been taunted and teased for seeing otherworldly creatures. Anywhere has to be better than home. 

Yet she's only permitted to go if she brings her twin sister Sabine along for the ride. 

Inside the walls of the castle-like fortress on the isolated campus, the girls find many secrets and hidden mysteries. Layla's never shied from challenges and is determined to pass her first year. However, with more unusual and bigger monsters lurking at the school, she struggles to keep her ability a secret. On top of the pressure to succeed in the competitive school, she also attracts the attention of a new student, Flynn Madsen. He's not the only one who's curious about her, but he seems to have the same gift of sensing these supernatural beings. 

In a new school, it's impossible to know who to trust and what to believe. By keeping her own secrets closely guarded, Layla has to have faith in herself. Not her bookish roomie, not the cute new boy who seems too curious about her. Because sometimes holding your own secrets can overpower the need to unravel others--a fine balance of controlling your fears or letting them destroy you.

Secrecy is the first book in the magical and spell-bound Olde Earth Series. If you like stories about puzzling fantasy journeys, witty heros, and evil creatures, then you'll love this YA supernatural fantasy series from top-selling author Amabel Daniels! 

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