Second Life by D. F. Bailey

Author: D. F. Bailey

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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1978, Jonestown.
909 dead—two children survive.
Where are they now?

SECOND LIFE weaves the dark world of PHILIP KERR into the cat-and-mouse chase of Jeffery Deaver's THE BODIES LEFT BEHIND.

“A great thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.”
— J. Bronder

Two children scramble through a remote jungle to escape the madness of Jonestown. When they return to America they’re given new names. A fresh start. Almost forty years later Will Finch stumbles across an abandoned Armani jacket. He soon learns that the jacket holds a secret. A cryptic message that tears his life apart and threatens to make him the latest victim of the Jonestown massacre.

Inspired by true events, Second Life will keep you bolted to your chair until you reach the final sentence.

“The children went first, died first. But imagine if two escaped, returned to the US, were given new identities, the chance of a ‘second life.’ How would it all turn out? Would they escape the memory of Jonestown, embrace the rituals of a normal life, grow up, have families, pay taxes, argue with the TV … or would they become occult messengers of the fatal theosophy preached by the Reverend Jim Jones? This is the question, the premise of D.F. Bailey’s latest psychological thriller with a twist, Second Life.”
— Lawrence Russell, author of Radio Brazil

A mesmerizing journey from an historic catastrophe to a prophecy of mass annihilation.


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