Author: Bethany Kris and London Miller

Category: Romance Books

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Romeo and Juliet never loved like this … Kazimir Markovic and Violet Gallucci are worlds apart. One, Russian—a Bratva heir. The other, Italian—a Cosa Nostra princess. Life, family, and tradition demand they keep their distance, but lust and love never learned to play by the rules. With fathers like theirs, determined to keep them apart no matter the cost, New York City isn’t ready for the hell they’ll rain down for this. No one is. Betrayal—like the seasons—is ever-changing, and always right around the corner. It’s the only thing you can trust. Treacherous. Alluring. Spectacular. Can they survive it? Seasons features the entire Seasons of Betrayal trilogy by authors Bethany-Kris (Cross + Catherine) and London Miller (Den of Mercenaries). It includes three full-length novels (Where the Sun Hides; Where the Snow Falls; Where the Wind Whispers) and an early peek at first chapters from the authors’ upcoming standalone series within The Undergrounds world—Boykov Bratva.