Screwed by Van Barrett

Author: Van Barrett

Category: Romance Books

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"I never thought I'd want to get screwed by a mechanic ..."

After a seedy auto repair shop over-charged the wrong customer, Miami 8 News secretly dispatches intern Liam Byrne to investigate. His assignment? To get ripped off by the crooked crew at Scud's Auto, and catch it all on camera.

There's only one problem: hunky mechanic Paul Parisi keeps getting in the way. And even though the tall, muscular stud in the oil-stained jumpsuit swears he's straight, Liam's convinced they have a spark.

With a promotion on the line, can Liam resist Paul's flirting and obtain the footage he needs? Can he keep his cover, or will Paul learn the truth?

"Thanks to my past, I'm stuck here."

For a guy who stands behind quality service, cutting corners is causing all sorts of stressors in Paul's life -- like an embarrassing failure to ignite with women.

But when Paul takes a private test drive with a handsome customer, and talks revolve around pistons? Paul's engine doesn't just fire right up ... he throws a rod. And he's pretty sure Liam saw it, too.

If anyone at the shop found out what they were up to, Paul knows he'd be out of a job. But Liam won't take his car elsewhere -- it's almost like the guy wants to get ripped off. What's his deal, anyway?
Screwed is a 45,000 word first time gay romance! A light-hearted novel featuring a jacked and bi-curious mechanic, a terrible disguise, two men playing doctor, sex on Miami Beach, and more! No cliffhanger, no cheating, but the HEA is guaranteed.