Author: B A Trimmer

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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“Laura Black and her Scottsdale friends are back on the case. Trouble’s sure to follow!

“In her latest thrilling, romantic adventure, Laura’s tracking down wealthy Scottsdale cougar, Jacky Wade. But even after Laura manages to find Jacky, it seems her trouble is only beginning. First is the death threat. Next, there’s the murder. Finally, there’s the kidnapping. Unfortunately, this all leads Laura into the arms of Carlos the Butcher, a guy with some serious anger issues. All of this might even be manageable if it wasn’t for the fact that Laura is also trying to start a relationship with plainclothes cop Jack Reno. The only problem there is that she’s having romantic thoughts about the dangerous crime lieutenant, Maximilian.Scottsdale Squeeze is the perfect light, fast, and fun summer novel with equal parts humor, action, and mystery.

“A great chick-lit mystery with plenty of humor. I love a strong female lead who gets herself into crazy situations only to have a hot guy come to her rescue. This is a must-read.”

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“Laura Black Mystery Series”

by BA Trimmer* * *


(Book #1) Take one devastatingly handsome Scottsdale police detective. Add one outrageously sexy female investigator who only wants to save the world. Introduce her to the gorgeous bad boy of the local crime family. Mix in a dose of murder, a pocketful of diamonds, and a handful of Russian mobsters... And you’ve got yourself some




-- (Book #3) Laura finds herself in the middle of a treasure hunt, but murder lurks behind every clue. Good thing she has two strong men to help her look. Or is having two such a good idea?


- - (Book #4) Laura helps a friend search for a missing man. Unfortunately, Laura’s enemies are also searching for her. Laura makes up her mind about the man she wants to be with -- unfortunately, love is never quite that easy.


-- (Book #5) Laura teams up with famous action movie star Stig Stevens. They’re looking for a dead body that seems to have disappeared from Stig’s pool. Things go from bad to worse when a gang of mercenaries and an international bugler decide to help. What’s a Scottsdale girl to do?


-- (Book #6) Professor Mindy Parker thinks she’s found the mythical Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine and needs Laura’s, Sophie’s, and Gina’s help to get the treasure. Unfortunately, the bad guys also want the gold and will do anything to get it. Danielle has a new deadly problem and needs Laura’s help. At least Laura has a wonderful man to help her through all of this... or does she?


-- (Book #7) Laura Black is on the hunt for a client’s father with a shadowy past. The trail leads her on an adventure across Arizona to a dark casino where every fantasy can come true. Unfortunately, poking her nose into things she shouldn’t has deadly consequences. Max has arranged a romantic trip for Laura. Who knew vacations could be so dangerous?


-- (Book #8) A quiet and romantic ski trip to Colorado is shattered when an international assassin tries to eliminate Max and Laura. The more they learn about him, the worse their situation becomes. Will they find a solution before they are taken out, permanently?


-- (Book #9)

Laura has discovered a deadly blackmail ring involving the husband of client Jessica Palmer. Unfortunately, the blackmailers discover Laura’s meddling and decide to take vengeance. Good thing Laura has both Max and Gabriella to watch her back. Laura’s also on the hunt for someone who’s sabotaging weddings. Will she be able to discover who is behind it all before Grandma Packham has a wedding disaster?