Scottish Myths and Legends by Daniel Allison

Author: Daniel Allison

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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The blue-skinned old woman who made the mountains. Finfolk, selkies and the Makers of Dreams. Within these pages are the little-known stories of Scotland, collected and retold by an oral storyteller who performs them throughout the world. From folk-tales and local legends to ancient epics, these stories will astonish and delight readers everywhere.
Daniel Allison is an acclaimed oral storyteller who performs everywhere from schools and prisons to global festivals. He hosts the House of Legends Podcast and is the author of The Orkney Cycle: The Shattering Sea, Silverborn, Scottish Myths & Legends and Finn & The Fianna.

'One of the best collections I have ever read'★★★★★ Reader Review'Beautifully written'★★★★★ Reader Review
'A stunning journey into the Scottish landscape and collective imagination'★★★★★ Reader Review'Deserves to be a classic'★★★★★ Reader Review'There is no shortage of books on Scottish stories, but this one is a standout'★★★★★ Reader Review‘A masterpiece… Celtic myths and legends at their fantastic best. Mythical, flirty, thumpingly violent and divinely nasty!’Jess Smith reviewing Finn & The Fianna‘A tremendous read… no end of dramas, surprises and reversals of fortune… wonderful stuff’Fay Sampson reviewing The Orkney Cycle: The Shattering Sea
‘The best mythology podcast I’ve heard’House of Legends Listener Review