Author: Czarina Tran-Bernett

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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Schneider the Spider is the biggest and brownest daddy longlegs in the woods. His big stature and spiky hind legs scare other spiders away. Sad and alone, Schneider finds an unusual friendship in a butterfly. Together, the duo flies around the lake and meets other unique and kind friends along the way. Schneider finds something special with all his friends and begins to accept his differences. This story sends a message that we are all different and unique. We need to see the beauty in ourselves before others learn to appreciate it: be bold, be secure, and be confident. This story is perfect for ages 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 years old. From the author of Crackodile: A Children's Picture Book of Self-Care and Dry Skin, comes a charming story about self-love, self-awareness, positive thinking, and the meaning of friendship. Schneider the Spider pairs well with any Character Building Curriculum to encourage kindness, compassion, appreciation, respect, attitude, and empathy.