Scarecrow by Eaton K. Goldthwaite

Author: Eaton K. Goldthwaite

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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When the Scarecrow arrived, the murders began.

Lt. Joe Dickerson is a consultant to the Connecticut State Police, and he does not want to be in Sudwich. The small Connecticut town has three industries - the mills, controlled by an old man sick in bed - fishing, and the arts.

But now the Scarecrow has arrived, and it looks as if Sudwich is developing a fourth industry—murder. A playboy and a model are dead within hours of each other in separate incidences, and then a Navy vet thought to be dead resurfaces, approaching a plastic surgeon to be 'remade'. Can Dickerson unravel the mysteries before it’s too late?

Scarecrow is the first in the bestselling Lieutenant Joseph Dickerson series. It’s an ingenious thriller, full of surprises, for fans of Patricia Highsmith and Stuart MacBride.

Praise for Scarecrow:
'Full of surprises and of suspense' - Manchester Evening News

'Excellent and unusual thriller, mysterious murders, and surprising but logical culprit’ - Liverpool Echo

'This was a refreshing surprise of a detective novel that mixes both the hard edged characters usually found in noir crime fiction with intriguing and imaginative crime solving' - Pretty Sinister Books

Eaton Goldthwaite (1907-1994) wrote Scarecrow while he was a marine in the South Pacific, balancing his typewriter on a tree stump. He spent most of his life as a newspaper man.