Author: Willow Rose

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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BEST SELLING SUSPENSE NOVELDownloaded more than 50.000 times! The year is 1983. Christian is 22 years old when he leaves his home in Denmark to spend a year in Florida with a very wealthy family and go to med-school. A joyful night out with friends is shattered by an encounter with a savage predator that changes his life forever. Soon he faces challenges he had never expected. A supernatural gift he has no idea how to embrace. A haunting family in the house next door. A spirit-filled girl who seems to carry all the answers. An ancient secret hidden in the swamps of Florida. One life never the same. One love that becomes an obsession. Two destinies that will be forever entangled.Savage is a thriller with some language, violence, and sexual situations recommended for ages sixteen and up. Praise for Savage: "This book will really tug at your heartstrings" - Concise Book Reviews "I really really like this book because not only was it a refreshing take on what would seem like a very familiar genre but it gives a retrospective male voice which is very unique in the paranormal romance genre (...) a huge congrats for Ms. Rose for creating such a fantastic novel." - Sky Rose Reviews "I LOVE THIS BOOK. ITS MARVELOUS. ONCE I STARTED TO READ IT I COULDN'T PUT IT DOWN. BEST BOOK I READ." - Review from Goodreads "The story was charming and yet very realistic. Thank you very much for that, Willow Rose!" - Books Cats and Coffee. "I really enjoyed this one. Willow Rose has managed to craft a story that both keeps you interested and guessing all at the same time. It was a nice break from the usual, girl meets boy, boy is a werewolf kind of paranormal romance." - Wolf Majick Reviews "I have to say I really did enjoy this book (...) Savage is a very interesting book with good characters and gripping situations." - Library Mosaic Reviews "Wow... Im a little stunned right now to be honest.. because the lovely Willow Rose has actually done what I didn't really think was possible anymore. Stun me so much that I actually have to think about the message of the book (...) this book struck a chord in me that I think we all need to reflect on (...) Splendid writing, adorable characters and an ending that will leave you wanting more ( I know I did) !" - Review from "I have to say that this was the best book I have read in a long time. I simply loved the characters and the storyline. It is a very beautiful book with wonderful people (...) To anyone who likes a good book I'll just say: get this one! I promise you won't regret it."- Review from "I quickly became immersed in the story and had a difficult time letting go the few times I had to set my kindle aside in order to take care of some pressing chores. (...) I loved the voice of Christian; it was fascinating watching his character grow and become stronger as he faced many trials. Several times, the decisions he makes become defining points in his life. This is an adventure story with romantic elements, but it also does not shy away from delving into deeper contemplation of issues most of us have to face at one time or another. That's not say it comes across as sanctimonious or preachy, because that is just not the case. The swamp scenes were my favorite. I had the action perfectly choreographed in my head as I read those. Savage should appeal to older teens and mature readers, too". - Night Owl Reviews Scroll up and get a copy today.