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Steve Rangoussis has been there. He started his first career as a sales rep, learning the ropes and steadily climbing the sales ladder. Nearly 25 years later, Steve has served in just about every position in the sales hierarchy, uniquely qualifying him to demystify the sales world for sellers and non-sellers alike.Sometimes sales feels like alchemy. Sometimes it feels like science. Sometimes it feels like a foreign world, hard to penetrate and even harder to successfully navigate, with its particular jargon, professional pressures, and overall culture. Sales Demystified casts light on the sales profession mystique for those in non-sales functions, while providing salespeople in various positions actionable insights to fast track their careers to success. Based on the author’s extensive sales and leadership career, the book, much like sales itself, uses the power of story to underscore life lessons, provide concrete career advice, unpack leadership techniques, explore the nature of influence, categorize the various iterations of present-day sales, and reveal the various technologies and their roles in the sales world. With its blend of hard facts and anecdotal evidence, all delivered in an engaging, conversational tone, this comprehensive work on sales takes the reader on a journey towards what “good” looks like in the sales realm and reveals the most-direct approach to getting there.