Author: Ian W. Sainsbury

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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The police want Jimmy Blue behind bars. Everyone else just wants him dead.

Jimmy Blue is out of control. After avenging the murder of his family, he embarks on a deadly rampage through London’s organised crime bosses. As the police close in, he escapes by stowing aboard a container ship.

But there are two problems: first, the police have been tipped off and are planning to arrest him on arrival in New York; second, the ship’s secret means he might not survive long enough to get to America. Each of the seven passengers has a bounty on their head, and captain and crew will compete to hunt them down and claim their prize.

Unarmed, friendless, caught between desperate criminals and a murderous crew and heading towards the waiting police - Jimmy Blue will have to go to the limit if he is to survive.From Kindle Storyteller Award winner, Ian W. Sainsbury, the addictive Jimmy Blue series.