Author: Heather Blanton

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NOW OPTIONED FOR A LIMITED TV SERIES! Read for FREE in Kindle Unlimited. The complete collection of the bestselling Defiance books! Rich with gritty drama and historical detail, these are the stories of three beautiful, Christian sisters, ranging in ages and life experiences, who find themselves stranded in a godless Colorado boomtown. The men want to tame them. Some even want to break them. Can the sisters hold on to their faith and their hearts or will something have to give?A Lady in Defiance--Charles McIntyre owns everything and everyone in the lawless, godless mining town of Defiance. When three good, Christian sisters show up, stranded and alone, he decides to let them stay--as long as they serve his purposes...but they may prove to be more trouble than they're worth. Especially the pretty widow.Hearts in Defiance--Men make mistakes. God will forgive them. Will their women?Notorious gambler and brothel-owner Charles McIntyre built the mining town of Defiance practically with his bare hands…and without any remorse for the lives he destroyed along the way. Now, he wants to be a better man, he wants to know Christ. Only, all the devils in Defiance are trying to drag him back to the man he was. Will he survive the gauntlet of temptations or destroy the only woman he’s ever loved?A Promise in Defiance--When scandalous madam Delilah Goodnight flings open the doors to the newest, most decadent saloon in Defiance, two good men will be forced to face their personal demons.Daughter of Defiance --A cowboy healing an abused horse may be the only one who can convince Victoria true peace is found in surrender to the Savior. But she may be out of time to choose, now that old enemies are hunting for her.A Destiny in Defiance--When his nemesis threatens everything Charles McIntyre cares about, will he give the fight to the Lord, or unchain his demons? The choice is clear because no one is going to hurt his family. No one.Hope in Defiance--Hope Clark has fought hard to convince the town of Defiance that a woman doctor is good for what ails them. But when certain physical challenges present themselves, hard facts spur her own doubts, crushing her self-confidence. And if she can’t stay, if the city is really where she belongs, what about the people she has come to love, especially a certain cowboy?