Author: Ross Sidor

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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In the dead of night, CIA paramilitary contractor Avery leads a ragtag team of deniable operators off the back of a C-130 and into the heart of Yemen.

Their mission is to locate and extract a dissident journalist marked for death by one of the White House’s closest allies.

The CIA believes the journalist possesses politically sensitive information with the potential to bring down the Saudi crown prince and shift the balance of power in the Persian Gulf.

The Saudis deploy their own hunter-killer force of foreign mercenaries led by a former Navy SEAL who shares a bitter, violent history with Avery.

From war-torn Yemen to Pakistan, through illicit smuggling hubs in Oman, and to a daring military raid to secure a consignment of hijacked weapons of mass destruction, ROGUE STATE is an intense action thriller that is sure to satisfy readers of Vince Flynn and Brad Thor.