Author: Luke Richardson

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Andreja Panasenko thought she knew her mother. But then, death changes everything.
To avoid losing her inheritance, Andreja must reconnect with her estranged sister. One problem, her sister went missing as a child, nearly fifty years ago.

Leo & Allissa travel to Riga to help, but they’re barely off the plane before Andreja’s nowhere to be seen. Taken or fled, they don’t know, but to find her, they must follow clues dating back to a time when powerful men ruled supreme.

From the backstreets of Riga to the vast Latvian forests, Leo & Allissa stumble into a dog-eat-dog world of politics, lies and secrets. Can they find the truth about a woman who hasn’t been seen in fifty years, or will the ghosts of the past get the final word?