Author: Merry Young

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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Are you ready to spend time with your kids and family in a super funny and stimulating way? Do you want to test and challenge your baby geniuses to improve their concentration and thinking skills? Are you searching for a creative and humorous way to boost your party or event at home?!Children have a need to exercise their brains. We all have a need to constantly challenge ourselves. In fact, it is often easier to think out of the box when you are younger!Here we have over 300 riddles to challenge and encourage children to use their thinking abilities. Some are fun and humorous; while others require a little more concentration, even for adult people! ??This book offers you the opportunity to pass a really extra funny and super quality time with your children, and includes:?? 300 riddles and trick questions from easy to difficult for children 9-12 and young teens.?? Riddles divided into different categories like Love, Animals, Detective and more to choose from!?? Interactive answers, very easy to navigate with a simple click!?? The parents and adults will enjoy them too!?? Challenge your kids’ brains, and teach them to think “outside the box”!?? Available for Kindle, Paperback, PC, Smartphone and Tablet!?? 100% kids appropriate content!A new adventure for all ages awaits you! Young and "less young" will enjoy finding the answers to all these questions together. It will teach the parents to think out of the box again while challenging the children to use their thinking abilities in a funny way – enjoying every moment of it!So what are you waiting for? Let’s start a funny time with your family!Scroll up and click the BUY NOW button to get your copy instantly!