Author: Ken Coleman

Category: Popular Fiction

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Ruth is back more lethal and crazier than ever. Can she deal with the demons tormenting her mind as well as avenging the killing of her man and abuse of her young friend?
Ruth thought she had found happiness at last after years of dealing with dark moods and what she considered to be a form of insanity.
The happiness that had eluded her for so many years appears to have finally, come to fruition as, with her man William and her young ward Maya, she sets out to start a new life and put her violent and irrational past aside. But the joyfulness and contentment she so desperately desires are short lived when, after setting out to hunt for food, she returns to find Maya in extreme distress and severely injured. Worse is to come when she discovers William has been murdered by the same brutal men who violently, abused Maya.
After descending into dark depths of despair and unable to understand why her chances of leading a normal and happy life have once again been thwarted, she sets out to find the killers and avenge William’s death as well as the savage abuse of Maya.