Author: Ken Rossignon

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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THE CURE FOR THE COMMON CRUISE. Join Marsha & Danny Jones as they work around the clock to keep the Sea Empress safe from killers & terrorists. DEADLYDETERMINEDDANGEROUSThe killers never quit and the voyages never end as the 21st Century version of Nick & Nora Charles travel the world and dispatch bad guys to Davy Jones Locker on a regular basis. WARNING: This book is a political thriller; if you don't believe westerners are under attack by terrorists as they vacation, please skip this book. If you do, read on.  After the crash of a explosive-laden seaplane into the aft end of The Sea Empress as it left a Caribbean island, the luxury cruise ship has been refurbished and repaired and leaves Rome for it's first trans-Atlantic voyage for the Caribbean.Danny and Marsha Jones once again are leading the security team for the flagship of The Seven Seas Company. She, a retired U. S. Secret Service agent and Danny retired as a homicide cop in Maryland find new challenges in protecting the passengers and ship from terrorists threats and cold-blooded killers.How does the voyage of the Sea Empress take on a surprise guest and set the stage for an assassination attempt in the ship's theatre?How does the acclaimed Broadway actor, brother of the President of the United States play a role in thawing relations with the communist dictator of Cuba?Read on and find the latest use of new media in the breaking news of the day with the dictator of Venezula coming into conflict with Cuba.Learn of the adventures of Capt. Johnny Black as he begins snorkling trips for Sea Empress passengers and trades dealing with the backstabbing politicians of the Maryland General Assembly for the peace and tranquility of swimming with sharks.Tired of boring cruises with ports that all look alike? Try a trip on The Sea Empress once again, following up on the adventures first brought to life in The Privateer Clause.This second book in this Caribbean murder series of the Marsha & Danny Jones cruise thrillers by Ken Rossignol is sure to liven up your deck time with your ebook reader....Smooth Sailing on The Sea Empress!