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Do you want to know how you can build a powerhouse real estate portfolio that can withstand recessions? Keep reading.With the advent of crowdfunding being almost a quarter of real estate private equity today, many new investors have entered the real estate world without certain wisdom and lessons that have been exchanged in private “country club” conversations. On top of that, with recurring signs of recession burning at the core of the economy, far too many individuals are positioned to lose their life savings.Author Eduardo Sigal outlines forgotten, deeply rooted “how to’s” in building and protecting your real estate investments. Growing up in a family business of real estate investing, Eduardo is now stepping up to provide readers with a different—and much needed—perspective. As his foundation is deeply rooted in the success of a variety of investing professionals, he can see what’s at stake for people who have positioned themselves in a way that leaves them vulnerable to the inevitable unknowns of the market.It is very tempting to believe quick returns in real estate are possible. However, the real goal is a long-term approach. And the reality is that surviving in this business long-term is a totally different paradigm—requiring a new perspective, mindset, and line of action. In Resisting Recession - How to build and preserve your real estate investments regardless of market conditions, Eduardo explains …· How understanding weakness in the market will help you find opportunities· How to think in terms of long-term growth—the real value of real estate· Philosophies (Part 2) and Strategies (Part 3) that will save your butt and teach you to grow your wealth· What they don’t tell you about financial metrics (Chapter 10)· Why you need to buy the position of the asset, not the ROI (Chapter 11)· Why successful landlords do not sell their real estate (Chapter 13)· How real estate makes for a financially strong retirement (Chapter 20)· How you should focus on cash flow and appreciation (Chapter 21)· Strategies for increasing the value of your investment property (Chapter 23)· Bonus: How to approach investing with other professionals· Bonus: How to specify your investing profileStraight out of college, Eduardo worked with an architect developer, researching zoning and underwriting million-dollar deals. Not only did he continue working as a broker, business consultant, investor, and syndicator, but he’s also done his own construction. He’s worked across various asset classes, including retail, office, and both multifamily and single-family residences. His experience in property management includes working with big developers in various states and markets—including Hawaii, Texas, and California. And his work has covered negotiations with sellers, buyers, and tenants—from family to corporate.During his personal journey through challenges and success, a natural and encouraged sense of curiosity led Eduardo to conduct a series of interviews. This in turn led to the creation of The Signet Podcast, in which he takes listeners through his own investing as well as how fellow long-term investors approach the market. Writing this book has been an opportunity for Eduardo to express the deepest, most valuable lessons that he has learned for achieving success in real estate.If you’re ready to step into a shared vision among the few successful elite—and create generational wealth—scroll up and click “add to cart”!