Author: Fraser Hay and Elsabe Smit

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Resilience: How to conquer the fear and challenges of self-employment in 2021The meaning of life is to discover your gift and the purpose of life is to share it This is a guide to develop resilience and conquer fear of self-employment and in becoming self-employed. After all, working for yourself can present both formidable challenges and excellentopportunities for personal, professional and spiritual growth and for living your life purpose. Many self-employed individuals work in isolation without help, guidance or support on how toconquer the many fears, issues and challenges that self-employment can present. Fraser shareshis journey in self-employment and the many challenges he embraced and conquered in the earlydays of working for himself.Ask yourself the following questions:How do you take your business from brain to heart to stellar?Where does forgiveness feature in your business plan?Why do bad things happen to good people, despite their best intentions?What if the business idea you have put your heart and soul into goes wrong?Who do you turn to for advice and how can you keep on track in the face of adversity?Considering self-employment in 2021? Conquer your fears, doubts and worries aboutbecoming self-employed by downloading this book today.This book about self-employment offers powerful, proven, practical and highly effective exercises,activities, concepts, techniques, and spiritual principles to develop the resilience required tobecome self-employed and conquer your fears.In 'Resilience: How to conquer the fear and challenges of self-employment' you will learn:Why self-employment & becoming self-employed can really help your personal growthHow to conquer fear & resolve personal and commercial challengesPowerful, practical & little known techniques for developing resilienceHow to deal with personal and professional conflictHow to deal with the negative impact of emotional stress in self-employment How to make sense of conflict - since you cannot avoid itHow little known spiritual development principles can generate extraordinary resultsWhere to find inspired answers and solutionsWhen to walk away, when to fight back, and whyHow to know, like and trust yourself to create confidence and resilienceWhat the real lessons are that you need to master, to guarantee succesHow to reassure yourself, your family or your loved ones that you’re ready for the challengesof becoming self-employed and living your life purpose through self-employment'Resilience: How to conquer the fear and challenges of self-employment' is the book for the self-employed in 2017 offering practical insight and common sense that simply isn’tcommon practice among those facing the fear, doubt and challenges of self-employment.You want to live your life purpose, getting paid what you're really worth by becoming self-employed and sharing your knowledge, wisdom, talent and skills with people happy to invest in what you haveto offer......The authors know it, you know it & your heart knows it!Get 'Resilience: How to conquer the fear and challenges of self-employment' NOW.Scroll up and click the 'buy' button at the top of this page