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Are you looking for a Simple but Complete guide that advises you on how much to drink, and is full of tasty recipes that will slow down the progression of kidney disease and will make you feel full of energy?

You found it.

Kidney Chronic Disease is an illness that is afflicting more and more Americans every year. But it doesn’t matter how many people have it,when you receive the diagnosis you still feel lonely and confused, knowing only that you will have to follow a careful diet. But how to do it?

The word diet is often associated with something boring, but in this case, don't worry, it's just about keeping certain foods under control, and this book is the perfect synthesis between health and taste.

Here is what you will find in this guide:

What is the Renal Diet and how it will help you understand how to improve your health and that of your kidneys,An exhaustive list of which foods to eat and which to avoid so that you can improve your blood levels of potassium, sodium, vitamins and minerals,How much fluids you should drink in a day to keep your kidneys healthy,The important principles and best tips to keep in mind if you want to keep your kidneys fit and active for a long time by slowing down the progression of kidney disease,400+ easy and delicious recipes that will provide you with all the nutritional values you need to keep your health under control,Bonus: 28-days meal plan that will provide you with tasty and balanced dishes, which will give you all the nutrients you need to face the day with maximum energy,And so on!

If you find yourself in a whirlwind of questions and confusion, do not lose heart, thanks to this complete guide, you will surely find every answer!

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