Relic Hunters Taskforce 3 Book (Boxed Set) by Ruth Hartzler

Author: Ruth Hartzler

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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It's Dan Brown meets Indiana Jones in this clean and wholesome box set of a USA Today Bestselling series.Contains 3 novels.Book 1. ScrollWhen Special Agent Jack Riley asks college professor Dr. Abigail Spencer to translate an ancient copper scroll, she has no idea it will lead to the lost treasure of Croesus hidden for centuries.When they arrive in Ephesus, their contact is dead; the scroll is gone, and mercenaries sent by a covert organization are determined to kill them.It's a race against time for Abigail. Can she reach the treasure before the killers, and manage to stay alive?Book 2. PapyrusGoliath’s spear has allegedly come to light, and Abigail and Riley are sent to investigate. When they arrive in Cairo, their contact is murdered.Abigail and Riley must decipher the code in a 3,000 year old Egyptian papyrus while avoiding ruthless agents who will stop at nothing to guard the secrets of the spear.Book 3. CodexWhile in Rome, Biblical archeologist Dr. Abigail Spencer is surprised by a phone call from Special Agent Riley. A codex which can help reveal the location of the Spear of Destiny has been discovered. With the codex in their possession, Abigail and Riley are determined to find the ancient artifact before the ruthless organization, Vortex.But with further clues to the location of the Spear of Destiny seemingly destroyed when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, and with Vortex hot on their heels, do Spencer and Riley have any chance of victory?