Author: Heather Dunlop

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Life after sexual assault or domestic violence can feel very lonely. You are an amazing person and nobody else knows it. You continue to keep the secret and you continue to hide. It's not your fault.If you share what happened to you, they may not believe you and they blame you for what happened. You tried therapy, group therapy, support groups and read all the other books. You get labeled a Survivor and it doesn't feel right to you.Survival is not enough. Are you ready to go from living a life of survival to living a thriving life? A life filled with love, trust and prosperity. A life where you are not alone and feel safe.If you are ready to heal and transform your life, there is a way that allows you to feel safe and loved. Discover how you can release the shame, renew your beliefs, and revive the life you were always meant to live.In this book, you will discover:• How to RELEASE the past and unshackle the shame• Embrace the power forgiveness so that you remember the assault instead of reliving it• Discover your inner strength and take back your power• Stop making decisions based what was done to you in that moment and take back your life• The step to RENEW your beliefs and get rid of the belief blockers that have been getting in the way of what you want• Let go of the secret because it is making you hide and not be seen as the amazing woman you are• No longer feel like you have no control over your emotions by removing triggers that make you play small• Create new automatic pathways in your brain that bring about your desired life• How to REVIVE the joy you had for life before you were assaulted• Raise your self esteem and develop the confidence to achieve your goals• Speak to yourself so that you create certainty and remove doubt from your mind• Create your undeniable vision for your life and make decisions from the vision version of you• Rise into living your Thriving Life with bonus goodiesThis proven process has helped women who used to identify as a survivor to live as a thriving woman.Author Heather Dunlop used to be labeled a Survivor and has become a Thriving WomanHeather helped Marie go from being afraid to go the local post office in a town of 1700, even when the post office was empty, to attending a conference at a Las Vegas Hotel and walking from her room the conference hall by herself.Heather helped Holly stop blaming her husband for what had happened to her as a teenager.Heather helped Ann remove old beliefs that were getting in the way of her sales job and she went on to become a top salesperson in her company.If you are ready to RELEASE the past, RENEW your beliefs, and REVIVE your desired life, scroll up and click the add to cart button.