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If you’re ready to learn all about reflexology, including how to practice it on yourself and on others, then this book is for you!2nd Edition ~ September 14th, 2016Download Now and Read Instantly on Your Computer, Your Phone, or Any Other Digital Device.Although reflexology therapy has for a long time been viewed with skepticism, just like many other alternative healing therapies, it does actually work - and this book will explain exactly how it does and why it’s so effective. Today, we can say that reflexology is ideal for not only curing pain (which is a primary symptom showing something is amiss in your body) but also the root cause of the pain. It is little wonder then that reflexology therapy has become very popular as a form of holistic healing, unlike pharmaceutical drugs that mostly address only the symptoms. High stress, chronic fatigue, back pain, and fibromyalgia are only a few examples of unwelcome conditions that can easily be alleviated through the practice of reflexology. Not to mention that reflexology is a great form of disorder prevention too! This book will teach you all about the practice of reflexology, including how to self-perform reflexology and practice it on others. A complete hand chart map and foot chart map are provided within the book for your reference as well.Download your copy today!Tags: reflexology, hand reflexology, foot reflexology, total reflexology, reflexology guide, reflexology manual, reflexology diagram, reflexology chart, reiki, acupuncture, acupressure, flexology, foot map, chart, map, learn reflexology, relieve tension, treat illness, treat pain, reduce pain, alleviate pain, foot reflexology, what is reflexology, does reflexology work, facial reflexology, reflexology headache, headache, headaches, reflexology techniques, reflexology therapy, alternative therapies, foot therapy, natural therapy, reflexology map, hand reflexology chart, foot reflexology chart, reflexology charts, reflexology treatment, reflexology foot map, reflexology hand map, reflexology maps