Author: Konner Glick

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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One missing person. Five potential culprits. 140,000,000 miles between Mars and home. A member of humanity's first mission to the red planet, Flight Surgeon James Lake is a pioneer. But when a crewmate mysteriously disappears from an open airlock just days before landing on Mars, James is suddenly thrust into a crime scene investigation millions of miles away from home - and that's not mentioning the 20 minute communications delay between him and Houston. Trapped in a ship the size of a school bus with five potential killers, James must tread carefully. Death comes swiftly in the vacuum of space."Red Sky at Morning" is an exciting sci-fi/murder-mystery mashup! Are you a fan of the real-world science fiction in "The Martian?" What about the tense locked-room mystery of "Murder on the Orient Express?" Look no further, and get lost in tomorrow's most insidious crime.